Wolvv # 01 (English edition)

Wolvv # 01 (English edition)

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Art.Nr.: RoVo-E-Wolv-01
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Wolvv tells the story of Wolvv Chason, a software engineer suffering from an anxiety disorder.

When his family is abducted and detained as a means of pressure against him, he decides to build a combat suit into which he implements a unique AR software developed by him. Wolvv has to face the kidnappers - "The Outfit" - a mafia organization whose members are in many ways inspired by Al Capone. However, their leader has personal reasons for the kidnapping and therefore tries to stop Wolvv by any means.

State: New
Print: Notebook (17 x 26 cm), Softcover, 24 Pages, coloured
Release Date: 2018

Author: Darian
Artist: Robert Volkmer

Publisher: Robert Volkmer
Language: English
Branch: Comic
Wolvv # 01 (English edition)


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