Losing Neverland # 01 English Edition

Losing Neverland # 01 English Edition
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- Tourniquet

For the young boy Laurie life has run bad. Forced by his cruel father to walk the streets for money, he has given up any hope for a change in his life. From time to time the ghost of his crying mother appears in front of him and even more amplyfies his feelings of guilt and lonelyness. But fortunatly he meets Tim a little boy of four years. He got lost and asks Laurie to help him find his sister Colline. While searching for his sister, Tim forces Laurie to tell a story. Laurie who wants to please the little boy, and who loves fairytales tries it . Tim is not very fond of the fatalistic undertone of the story and Laurie starts to understand that there is more than one way to react on what fate offers you. A sensitive and innocent friendship begins. Fahr Sindram, born 1981 tells a drama about loss of childhood and rebirth of self-consiousness . The manga shall make the reader think, not only amuse him like many shojo mangas. And it is a manga against the brutalization of feelings and a statement against child porn. Laurie is a broken child who gets into contact with something like normal life through Tim (the young boy).The telling of stories, the total different reaction of Tim on problems confuses Laurie. It will make him fight against his situation. But like in a Charles Dickens story, there are several sidekicks which add a good piece of humor to the seriousness. This creates a tridimensional effect and makes sure that the story is not getting boring or too advising. Of course the story has no voyoristic sexual interactions in the drawings but since the subject of childabuse is part of the story, the content deals with the theme. Fahr Sindram was honoured by the German Ferderal Governement for her fight against child-abuse and was established in the travelling exhibition together with for example Bono of U2 and Thom York of Radiohead ect She has founded a campaign called "Artists against Childporn")

State: New
Print: Paperback (14,4 x 21 cm), SC, 120 Pages, s/w
Printing: 2006

Scenario: Fahr Sindram

Publisher: Butter & Cream
Language: English
Read direction: Japanisch
Genre: Drama, Gothic • Branch: Manga
Age: 14+

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