Nightmares in Plastic # 0

Nightmares in Plastic # 0
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So what's this magazine all about you might ask?
From Co-Editor Mike Falcigno's introduction:
"(...) First and foremost, "Nightmares in Plastic" is NOT a publication focusing on step-by-step instruction, new kit releases, or reviews. These aspects of the hobby are already brilliantly covered in Amazing Figure Modeler magazine and several other "how-to" publications. Instead, our aim is to provide hardcore fans with an image intensive reference volume- a pictorial history of 3-D figure sculpture and painting as an art form. In essence, Nightmares in Plastic is more like the Aurora retrospective / Japanese GK books, but with a heavier slant on darker subjects. (...)
The magazine incarnation of "Nightmares in Plastic" will be published three times a year, thus enabling readers and fans to collect each issue as if they were streamlined books while providing a constant source of inspiration for sculptors, painters, and producers.(...)
Future issues will feature lengthy profiles of various Sculptors, GK Companies (both past and present), and Painters; showcasing many photos of their work, accompanied by a small interview and biography. (...)"

First issues content: Painter Profile with Steve Riojas; Interview by Todd Powell

Sculptor Profile Takayuki Takeya with appreciations by Andy Bergholtz, Tony Cipriano, Brandon Shifflet, K.-H. Broszat and Staffan Linder

Company Profile: Fewture Models, Nirasawas fever dreams

Model Museum: Addar's Planet of the Apes

Featuring Pictures by

Mike Allen, K.-H. Broszat, Peter Lange, Jochen Mai, Sören Markworth, Staffan Linder, Phil Sera, Christian Söder, Bernd Slominski, Steve Riojas and Jason Walker. Cover by Phil Sera.

Full color, 40 pages, 8" x 8", coverprice $6.00 / 5,-¤

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